Friday, February 10, 2006

Let the Good Dialogues begin!

Dear Readers: Thanks to the MalaysiaToday(MT), an independent news bloggersite, where I (at last) dared to venture my first cyberspace commetaries at MT(February 11); MT(February 14); MT(February 28); BakriMusa(March 9); MT(March 10); LimKitSiang(March 11); MT(March 16); et cetera (see expanded monthly postings above).

Now, what I need is some time to learn more skills and manners of blogging at this site Gods, Genes, Conscience: Global Dialogues 2006, for the concerned readers of my new book Gods, Genes, Conscience released worldwide (January 2006) by my print-on-demand publisher at

If you have any questions about my book, please feel free to post your comments herein. And I shall respond them as soon and as often as I’m able to run this bloggersite for the Gods, Genes, Conscience dialogues worldwide, as efficiently as possible. For private issues, please email them directly to the Mongbooks address at

Thank you for your kind attention and cooperation in this matter.

Sincerely, Mong 2/11/6usct11:29a; rv2:2/23/6usct12:20p


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