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Gods, Genes, Conscience: Worldwide Book Sales Analysis (January 23-February 22)

Dear Readers: Please feel free to review the Contents of my book and biography in Gods, Genes, Conscience (distributed worldwide, January 2006). Thank you for scrutinizing!

Introduction: The following study was taken so as to track the worldwide distribution of a quality, self-published book Gods, Genes, Conscience online [; January 2006].

The book design and editing were finalized on January 4; and the book content was setup and listed online on January 13 at the POD (print-on-demand) publisher’s website above.

Since January 23, the book listings by other booksellers begin to appear in the Internet daily, indicating the fact that the book sales online have had been well underway worldwide.

This study attempts to characterize the initial market proliferation and distribution of this new book around the globe, from January 23 to February 22, 2006.

Materials and Method: Using the worldwide web search engines (,, and, the booksellers which announced the sales of Gods, Genes, Conscience were identified daily in the Internet (January 23-February 22, 2006).

Using each bookseller’s database, the book was sorted for its sale ranking among its appropriate categories (genres) of books, as listed by each bookseller. Several listing categories of books were compared and analyzed, so as to ascertain (without bias) the appropriate ranking of Gods, Genes, Conscience within each bookseller’s specialty of book selling.

Results and Analysis: During the period surveyed (January 23-February 22, 2006), there were over 40 booksellers worldwide listed the sales of Gods, Genes, Conscience on the Internet. Some bookseller hubs even cross-listed (linked) over dozens of bookstores on their websites, announcing their taking POD buy orders and sellings of this new book.

However, for the purpose of this study, not all of the bookseller databases were created equal: Some were not suited as a research tool at all; but presented a sorting tool from a merchant-seller’s perspective. In anyway, for the neutrality of this study, the present analysis shall not, by any means, be misconstrued as an endorsement or slight of any booksellers mentioned herein under in this report.

  • It appeared that the database was the most suited for this research-study. The database was well maintained with an inventory of over 1 million titles of books; and it carried over 10,500 titles from, the publisher of Gods, Genes, Conscience under this study. Since its listing and tracking on February 1, the book sales rank from 48 to 8 or (48-8) among over 10,500 iUniverse titles as top selling books; it also ranks (290-114) among almost 11,000 “gods” titles listed by different publishers; (108-41)/4,000 “mind” books; (38-11)/1,250 “genes” titles; and (10-2)/230 “conscience” tomes, as bestsellers in the database.
  • In the religious circuits, the represents the largest Christian online bookseller; wherein since February 2, Gods, Genes, Conscience ranks (262-195) among its over 550 “gods” titles; (19-12)/72 “genes” series; and (48-18)/212 “conscience”
    tomes, as top selling books. So far, no data of this book sales were noted in any other religious stores (whether Judaic, Islamic, Buddhist, Hindi, or otherwise); whereas the book sales have had appeared in several “pet” “diet” specialty and general stores.
  • In the United Kingdom, the release of Gods, Genes, Conscience appeared to be taking the British populace by storm, as shown by the listings of the book in the Internet (especially in the The Tesco—like the Wal-Mart (USA)—is one of the largest chain stores in the UK; and is spreading its operations overseas, including China and Malaysia. Since early February, this book has been listed as a bestseller among its new releases of the “philosophy of mind” series. And, as the showed, since February 13, the book also ranks (73-69)/192 “gods mind” titles, and (75-73)/153 “genes mind” books; whereas the Indigo(Canada) sorted, since February 21, the book ranks (3)/553 “conscience” books, (3)/210 “gods mind” titles, (9-8)/1,959 “life mind” tomes, (7-6)/543 “tan” series (no relation to the renowned Chinese-American author Amy Tan), and (4-2) among 93 “gods on earth” tomes, as bestsellers.
  • Furthermore, as the MSN Shopping(USA) listings showed, since February 5, Gods, Genes, Conscience ranks top teens among its over 800 “mind & body” titles. In the business world, as the Forbes Book Club(USA) showed, since February 16, the book ranks (363-362) among its over 6,500 “philosophy” titles. In the high academe, the book sales seemed to be slow in motion, as the Blackwell(USA) showed, since February 8, it ranks (603-488)/865 “genes” titles; (277-203)/385 “conscience” books; while in the “tan” series, it ranks (302-292)/1,401 tomes. Also, as the showed, since February 8, the book ranks (976-905)/2,000 “gods” titles; (582-294)/595 “genes” tomes; and (618-282)/635 “conscience” books. Whereas another academic bookseller sorted, since February 16, the book ranks (42-40)/125 “conscience” titles; and (10-5) among 23 “gods genes” books as most popular.
  • In the countries where English is not a primary language, as the Amazon(France) showed, since February 8, Gods, Genes, Conscience is a smash, ranking (83-78)/3,485 “gods” books; (22-17)/818 “genes” titles; (14-12)/1,055 “conscience” tomes as bestsellers. Since February 9, as the 紀伊國屋書店KinokuniyaBookWeb(Japan) showed, the book ranks equally high in sales: (6)/795 “western philosophy” series; (19-11)/2,620 “gods” titles; (12-9)/3,026 “genes” books; and (8-6)/1,064 “conscience” tomes as top sellers. As the BOL(Italy) showed, since February 11, the book sales rank (34-33)/1,044 “gods” series; (8)/263 “genes” titles; (11)/277 “conscience” books; and (126-123)/4,187 “mind” tomes as bestsellers. Since February 14, as the Bookplus-verkkokirjakauppa(Finland) indicated, the book ranks (3)/120 “philosophy of mind” series; whilst the Books.musicabona(CzechRepublic) showed, the book sales rank (195-194)/645 “conscience” titles, (61-14)/453 “gods mind” books, (87-4)/1,704 “life mind” series, and (445-443) among 571 “tan” publications, as top sellers.
  • Last, but not least, all of the databases were merchant-sellers oriented; and were not an easy tool for book rating research, especially for small self-publishers. Since February 8, as the Amazon(Canada) showed, Gods, Genes, Conscience ranks (1)/9 “gods on earth” titles; (40)/131 “between earth” series; (76-73)/171 “gods mind” books; (8-4)/16 “genes mind” tomes, as bestsellers. Since February 9, in the Amazon(Japan) database, the book sales rank (60-57)/104 “gods mind” titles, and (4)/15 “genes mind” books; whereas since February 19, as the sorted, the book ranks (72-58)/395 “gods on earth” series; (37-32)/303 “between earth” books; (28-24)/94 “gods genes” titles; (17-16)/44 “genes mind” tomes; and (2)/15 “ad infinitum” books, as top sellers. Also, since February 18, in association with the, as the 1BookStreet(USA) showed, the book sales rank (56-55)/393 “gods on earth” books; (29)/299 “between earth” series; (2)/16 “ad infinitum” titles; (31-21)/93 “gods genes” tomes; (246-238)/727 “gods mind” series; (4)/57 “gods conscience” titles; and (12)/41 “genes mind” books, as most popular buying. Likewise across the Atlantic, as the Amazon(UK) showed, since February 9, the book sales rank (264-260)/1,454 “conscience” series, (103-84)/135 “gods mind” titles, (10-6)/16 “genes mind” books, (21)/56 “gods on earth” tomes, (43-42)/141 “between earth” titles, and (3)/13 “ad infinitum” bestsellers; whereas the Amazon(Germany) book sales rank (3)/11 “gods on earth” series, (67)/82 “between earth” books, (72-68)/82 “gods mind” tomes, as top sellers.

Conclusion and Conjecture: The sales of Gods, Genes, Conscience have had been better than originally anticipated (although the actual number of books sold is still unknown at this research time and reporting). This is primarily due to the fast dissemination (to the booksellers) and accessibility of information by the general readers through and by the Internet globally.

The book proliferation into the high academe has been expected to be slow but steady, as this book was initially intended for the general readers within the pop-science, pop-philosophy, and pop-psychology genres of the zeitgeist. With time, the highly specialized academics and busy students will soon catch up, simply because this book could provide them a new way of looking at, and solving, many old problems—e.g., the theory (philosophy) of our human mind; the dialogues and reconciliation between science and religion; the dialogues and reconciliation among world religions; the penultimate peaceful coexistence of our humankind on Earth; et cetera—a task that is all too critical and dependent on all of us to resolve soon, here and now, in the time being; and not afterlife, or in heavens!

This book also represents a new treatise of our meaningful survivorship, humanity, civilization, consciousness, conscience, empathy, compassion, et cetera, on Earth, into the 21st century and beyond.

Thank you for your kind attention and cooperation in this matter. Happy reading and scrutinizing! Let the Good Dialogues begin!

Best wishes and warmest regards, Mong 2/27/6usct12:33p; rv2:3/9/6usct11:31p


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